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There are a few shows that are starred in this with a lost episode that I knew, and this Creepypasta just destroyed my views-Hetalia: Axis Powers, Episode 23.5-Tom and Jerry-Rugrats-Regular show-the Amazing world of Gumball-Teletubbies-The Simpsons And there were a few I never heard about before too I nominate to watch this
However, not everything is good in the world of the Muppets, for there is a lost episode of The Muppet Show that I found on tape the other day. I was working as a bell hop for the Books Hotel. A 4-star hotel in Pennsylvania that everyone goes to, either for vacation or if nobody has a place to go. While working with a man that's dressed like ...
Creepypastas and Urban Legends tom and jerry lost episode. KageKao. The thirteen Tom and Jerry shorts made by the Czechoslovakian director Gene Deitch are infamous for their poor quality and rather disturbing nature, featuring badly done sound effects and animation and having a more realistic feel to the violence. Some have speculated that Deitch didn't like the concept behind Tom and Jerry ...
Un grand nombre de creepypastas ont pour thème des sujets totalement fantaisistes comme des entités mystérieuses, des cartouches hantées de jeu vidéo ou encore des cassettes vidéo maudites contenant un épisode perdu d'un dessin animé (par exemple, Suicide Mouse inspiré de Mickey Mouse, Les Simpson avec Dead Bart [4]).
All the Creepypastas I have reviewed thus far :)
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So please tell us with links if possible! Attack on Titan — Known in Japan as Shingeki no Kyojin, many years ago, the last remnants of humanity were forced to retreat behind the towering walls of...
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Videos for creepypastas. It's been a while since I've done a short, but sweet story.
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Los creepypastas son historias cortas de terror recogidas y compartidas a través de Internet con la intención de asustar, inquietar al lector o hasta hacerle creer en ellas. Los creepypastas se presentan en una...
For some reason the original story got deleted but somebody had the story on a Reddit page before it got deleted so here is original story, this has not been edited in any way. I used to like Spongebob. I always did. But, what I just saw scared the BEEJEESUZZ out of me!!! One time, when I was...
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